Graphic Design

Oak Web Design Adelaide Hills recognises that website graphic design is mostly a matter of taste.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and for that reason there is no right or wrong when it comes to the graphic design you like for your own web site.

I will willingly admit that some sites I design are not to my own taste, but they are always to my customer’s taste and comply to the rules of good design.

For this reason, as you browse my portfolio, you will see that all the sites I have developed are quite different.

You will find some designers who are very precious about their “art”, but really it is simply a matter of taste. However there are some basic principles to bear in mind when considering graphic design.

I design so that the website will look best on a standard size screen, tablet and mobile phone.

Graphic designers tend to use huge screens and some design sites to suit those screens, completely forgetting that most people don’t have that luxury, with the end result that viewers are forever having to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the whole page.

The graphic design or your website must suit mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desk-top screens equally well.

Designs for web sites must always remember the “top left” principle, meaning that the top left corner of the screen is the most important point. All pages load from that point, so that is where your logo needs to be.

Menus should be either horizontal across the top or vertical down the left side of the screen. That is where users expect to find them, so let’s make it easy for them!

Pages should have a consistent look so that the user knows they are still on your site.

Most designs are based on the company logo colours and branding, reflecting the business in a unique and professional way.

Finally, white space, or empty space, lets the viewer’s eyes rest and makes the important information stand out. There is no end of space available on a web site, so absolutely no excuse for cramming in too much on a single screen.

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